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The New Drop Tow Hitch

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

New generation of 4wd’s have the spare wheel mounted in the centre of the rear barn door. Many 4wds have the situation that the rear door cannot be opened when you attach a trailer, caravan or boat. Its a real pain to have to unhitch the trailer just to get access to your stuff in the back of the vehicle.
In many instances this becomes quite a problem given some of the modern couplings like the AT-35 hitch. It has a 16mm vertical pin that must be lined up to re-hitch, this can be a difficult and frustrating process for even the best drivers.
Drop Hitch is the solution
All 4wd type campers and caravans need a tow hitch with a 500mm ride height, this extra height from standard trailer ride height (400mm) just increases the door opening issue.
The newly invented Drop Tow Hitch eliminates the need to unhitch your trailer, caravan, boat or
horse float when your need to access the rear of your 4wd.
This simple all Aussie designed and manufactuerd hitch utilises the jockey wheel to lower the attached
trailer without unhitching it from the towing vehicle.
The hitch comes into its own when the trailer is loaded and you unfortunately have a flat tyre.
For security, most 4wd vehicles need you to open the rear door to get the spare off the door, you also need
to get the jack and tools under the floor, your only option is to unhitch the trailer.
Safety and Design
Drop hitch eliminates the hazardous situation of unhitching on a hill, a freeway or on an uneven
road surface. You can actually get to the fridge without climbing over the back seat!
It will pay for itself if you don’t have to drive on that flat tyre to a safe stopping point, ruining the tyre.
When touring with your caravan or camper it also allows you to level up for an overnight stop
without unhitching.

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