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Monday, January 30th, 2012

New Campers for Sale

This particular unit is called a (Deefa)
Each Deefa is custom built to suit, not
only the vehicle, but also your needs. The
design can vary slightly depending on the
type of tray you have on the ute (style
side or flat tray) and whether you have a
twin cab or not.
The basic “Deefa” is built to your tray
deck size – dual cabs not a problem
Approx 550 high with 3 doors, one on
new camper trailers for sale
either side and one on the rear. –
when we say approx, we mean just
that – if you want something different,
we’re happy to accommodate!
The bed will be a standard Queen size
with a 2.4m room next to the vehicle,
again should you require a larger room,
that is an option
The Deefa comes with just the storage
area, or can be fitted out with anything
you may require, i.e., kitchens, 240 v 12 v,
LED lighting, water, solar panels etc and in
almost any configuration that suits your
style of camper trailers for sale.
The Starting price of the Deefa without the
extra’s is $9933. Legs to drive away are
$1027, all other options
are POA, only because
we’ve not done the same
thing twice and its not our
choice to tell folk how they
must have their home away
room home set-up, but
don’t panic the kitchens
can start from as little as a
few hundred dollars according to your requirements
These options
are only suggestions,
if you
require something
a little
please let us
know and we will endeavour to do it for you.
Deefa Pup Ute Back on Box 2.4m room $ 9,933.00
Rover, 3.2m room $ 10,775.00
8′ Awning (2.4 wide) $ 830.00
8′ Addaroom Roof $ 880.00
8’ complete Addaroom 2.4m $ 2,350.00
8′ Complete Addaroom 3.2m $ 2,500.00
Water Package POA
Kitchen POA
240 power , inlet, outlet, 2 gpo rcd $ 628.00
Full width drop down bench $ 235.00
12 volt wiring $ 1001.50
Draw Slide $ 595.00
Leg Set $ 1027.00
Leg / Pole storage box $ 276.25
Partition $ 234.00
camper trailers for sale.

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