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WANTED: 3 Dog Campers in Action

Send us pictures and stories of your 3Dog Camper in action. There is nothing like seeing and hearing about a Dog and its owner in action to see first hand what they are made of.

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Peter & Anne, Naracoorte.SA.

2008 We researched rooftop campers (tents) thoroughly before purchasing our 3Dog camper. It had all the qualities we were looking for and has never disappointed us.

My wife is a ***** (no, that’s five star camper) and required, easy access, had to be made private, had access to makeup in rear of vehicle, an inbuilt floor so snakes couldn’t get in, mossie and midge proof screens, easy and quick to setup and a comfortable mattress to sleep on. I never thought I would get her up onto the roof of my vehicle but now she loves being high and dry without fear of snakes or spiders etc. The only thing missing now is the side table to put her coffee on first thing in the morning before getting out of bed. I have put LED strip lighting in for reading up in bed and for taking the war paint off at night.

Our first adventure was to  Cape York. On the way home we visited Fraser Island where we stayed for five days in our 3Dog Camping roof top camper, coupled with our Foxwing and shower, toilet tent what more could you want. Oh! Maybe the odd plane landing and taking off, fishing only metres away.

More adventurous this year heading to the Kimberleys and called  into the inaccessable Finke Gorge, South of Hermansburg near Alice Springs.

No camper trailers in here, lots of river crossings.

Yes, we travel by ourselves.

We never miss home, we carry it on our roof. Four days it took before finally coming out on the  Kings Canyon road.

September 2010 my wife headed to Canada with her sister and I went to the Birdsville races, via the Simpson Desert, by myself, as any normal sane person would do.

I had everything I needed except for the unexpected storm that hit half way through the desert which in turn stopped the Birdsville cup. My sand pegs all ripped out so had tie my 3dog camper down to my front and rear bars. At its peak the canvas was cracking like a whip. Thankfully the quality of canvas proved up to the occasion (not like those cheap Chinese imports) with my 3Dog camping rooftop camper surviving with me in it; however my poor foxwing was not so lucky, nor my poor 200 series Landcruiser “Red dog”. That same morning we became bogged for two days in a two kilometre wide claypan just before Poeppel Corner before managing a self recovery by burying my spare wheel in the mud and winching myself out.

At the end of our Canning Stock Route trip 2011 and after picking up our van we had left at Wiluna, were heading for Perth when I noticed people giving me the single index finger. After the third vehicle I stopped to investigate and found the stretch strap had broken and the tent ripped open. Oh dear looks like a claim and new 3 Dog Camper coming up.

Bugger, we got into Perth and opened up the camper to find everything was perfect.

Arriving home last Christmas I put my 3Dog Camper on my two wheel trailer and put under the trees in my paddock. Imagine my surprise to come out Christmas morning to a gum tree had chosen that moment to snap off and crush my poor camper.

On cutting every thing free I opened up the tent expecting to see everything bent and smashed, this was no small tree. To my surprise once again not one thing was damaged.

April 1st 2012 saw ‘Red dog’ and my 3 dog camper in action again as we were a support vehicle for the 1st woman to run across the Simpson Desert. Jane Trumper  51 years of age,  5’ 4” tall and 54 kilograms. She averaged 65 kilometres per day (thats one and a half marathons every day) for ten days. The first five days were in excess of 40 degrees. Crazy woman!

Another first as we are off to the high country in November this year to once again live in our camper for however many nights it takes knowing we will enjoy the comfort and safety afforded by our rooftop camper

We often have people asking where we bought our rooftop camper and are always happy to extoll its virtues and give them one of your brochures we picked up in outback NSW at a show one of your reps were at in 2009. (Gave the last one away earlier this year)

Congratulations to all at 3Dog camping for a magnificent product. Keep up the good work.

Off Road Dedicated Hitch is worth it's weight in gold


who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Private Beach

Find your own little piece of Australia in your 3Dog Camper


Deefa – Uteback Camper

Take it anywhere! Leave it anywhere!

Wet Dog!

Boat Rack
enjoy ALL of the great outdoors!

Top Dog
a dry bed,

no matter where you park at night…

Absolute 3 Dog
Water Views…

the only hard part is which one to choose

Top Dog
go anywhere with the freedom of no-tow!

3 3DOGs

mobile home
all the comforts while still feeling like you’re camping!

3DOG and then some…

Could you get a better setup for your pack?

2011 Custom Built Top Dog



Sandra said “Jeff and I have just spent a week in the high country giving our tent a really good test, it passed with flying colours” This looks like such apeaceful place to camp.

Garry L sent us this photo of Erlistoun Station, Victoria Desert, WA


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