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Heading towards the MacDonnell Ranges

November 14th, 2016

The Team in Pakenham are working hard.

Ray is having some Rest and Relaxation traveling in the outback. Currently he is driving from Alice Springs, west into the MacDonnell Ranges, into a land of contours defined by time, erosion, vegetation types, flowers, light and shade. The landscape of Albert Namatjira. He has visited the gorges, chasms, waterholes and an ochre pit along the ancient Finke river system, which runs mostly underground protecting and storing its water from evaporation. Several permanent water holes reside in shaded gorges, icy cold in 42 degree temperatures. When able to move away from the crowded area and phones, you can absorb the spirituality and the timelessness. Bliss

Photos are a Desert Rose, and Uluru from the South East

desert-rose uluru

Where are your next adventures taking you?

November 6th, 2016

As we are approaching summer and those breaks over the holiday season, where are you heading to?
Ray is just finalizing his trip, to be taken with his custom built Deefa (slide on camper), as he heads towards the Northern Territory. Hopefully he will send back some amazing photos to share, so watch this space.


January 30th, 2012

New Campers for Sale

This particular unit is called a (Deefa)
Each Deefa is custom built to suit, not
only the vehicle, but also your needs. The
design can vary slightly depending on the
type of tray you have on the ute (style
side or flat tray) and whether you have a
twin cab or not.
The basic “Deefa” is built to your tray
deck size – dual cabs not a problem
Approx 550 high with 3 doors, one on
new camper trailers for sale
either side and one on the rear. –
when we say approx, we mean just
that – if you want something different,
we’re happy to accommodate!
The bed will be a standard Queen size
with a 2.4m room next to the vehicle,
again should you require a larger room,
that is an option
The Deefa comes with just the storage
area, or can be fitted out with anything
you may require, i.e., kitchens, 240 v 12 v,
LED lighting, water, solar panels etc and in
almost any configuration that suits your
style of camper trailers for sale.
The Starting price of the Deefa without the
extra’s is $9933. Legs to drive away are
$1027, all other options
are POA, only because
we’ve not done the same
thing twice and its not our
choice to tell folk how they
must have their home away
room home set-up, but
don’t panic the kitchens
can start from as little as a
few hundred dollars according to your requirements
These options
are only suggestions,
if you
require something
a little
please let us
know and we will endeavour to do it for you.
Deefa Pup Ute Back on Box 2.4m room $ 9,933.00
Rover, 3.2m room $ 10,775.00
8′ Awning (2.4 wide) $ 830.00
8′ Addaroom Roof $ 880.00
8’ complete Addaroom 2.4m $ 2,350.00
8′ Complete Addaroom 3.2m $ 2,500.00
Water Package POA
Kitchen POA
240 power , inlet, outlet, 2 gpo rcd $ 628.00
Full width drop down bench $ 235.00
12 volt wiring $ 1001.50
Draw Slide $ 595.00
Leg Set $ 1027.00
Leg / Pole storage box $ 276.25
Partition $ 234.00
camper trailers for sale.

3 Dog Camping in Iceland

March 10th, 2010

Have a look at our European 3 Dog having a go.

CIL Insurance

March 2nd, 2010

We have some great news, we now can offer any body CIL Insurance on there Camper Trailers, Ute back campers/slide on campers, camper trailers, Caravans or just box trailers. Give us a call and we will do every thing to help.


Consignment Of Camper Trailers

February 3rd, 2010

Hi out there, I would just like to say that 3 Dog Camping is now Consigning camper trailers. So come along to 3 Dog Camping and let us do the hard work for you.

Finance Available

December 4th, 2009

Finance Available
At 3 Dog Camping we understand that it’s sometimes difficult, and maybe even a bit daunting, to find the finance solution which is best for you.That’s why we have searched extensively for a finance provider who will provide a high level of individual attention and service that is consistent with our own.Finally, we have managed to source a financier who truly understands camper trailers and the camper trailer market. This makes arranging finance for your camper trailer quick, easy and stress free – you can even start your application online.
For more information, or to start an online application, please visit

Snowy trip

October 29th, 2009

Diane and I have just returned from a great 3 week trip out west and down south to the Snowies. Have enclosed a few pics of the trailer in action. We are very happy with our rig.

3 Dog Camper Hire Experience

October 29th, 2009

Just a quick note to advise that the Pup camper trailer was a great success. Big enough for the 4 of us and with the right amount of equipment. Importantly, so easy to erect and pack away. Towing and access to more remote sites was no problem. Overall a good designed unit. We’ll need to hire again soon!

Brad McElroy
Byron Bay

The New Drop Tow Hitch

September 15th, 2009

New generation of 4wd’s have the spare wheel mounted in the centre of the rear barn door. Many 4wds have the situation that the rear door cannot be opened when you attach a trailer, caravan or boat. Its a real pain to have to unhitch the trailer just to get access to your stuff in the back of the vehicle.
In many instances this becomes quite a problem given some of the modern couplings like the AT-35 hitch. It has a 16mm vertical pin that must be lined up to re-hitch, this can be a difficult and frustrating process for even the best drivers.
Drop Hitch is the solution
All 4wd type campers and caravans need a tow hitch with a 500mm ride height, this extra height from standard trailer ride height (400mm) just increases the door opening issue.
The newly invented Drop Tow Hitch eliminates the need to unhitch your trailer, caravan, boat or
horse float when your need to access the rear of your 4wd.
This simple all Aussie designed and manufactuerd hitch utilises the jockey wheel to lower the attached
trailer without unhitching it from the towing vehicle.
The hitch comes into its own when the trailer is loaded and you unfortunately have a flat tyre.
For security, most 4wd vehicles need you to open the rear door to get the spare off the door, you also need
to get the jack and tools under the floor, your only option is to unhitch the trailer.
Safety and Design
Drop hitch eliminates the hazardous situation of unhitching on a hill, a freeway or on an uneven
road surface. You can actually get to the fridge without climbing over the back seat!
It will pay for itself if you don’t have to drive on that flat tyre to a safe stopping point, ruining the tyre.
When touring with your caravan or camper it also allows you to level up for an overnight stop
without unhitching.