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3 Dog Testamonial of build Quality.

Monday, September 14th, 2009

I purchased a slide on camper of 3dog campers in may 2009. My friend Steve Miles and I thought we would give it a test run for 4 weeks at South West Rocks, to get familiar with the set up and the workings. We found setting the camper up was quite simple and wandered what sort of weather it could stand.
Our fist test came a few days later when in mid-way the weather forcast was for wind and rain from 80-120 kph gust with accasional stronger gusts. It started raining with about 50 kph gusts and thought every thing is going well. No leaks an accasional shake but fine other wise. That was the first night. For the next three nights winds reached up to 130KPH, the camper held stead fast with frequent rocking and rolling and very heart starting moments. The third night I left for Sydney and just beat the floods and left Steve to weather the storm . Here is his accounts of the situation this storm was the most intense on the north coast for sixty years.

Pete left for Sydney and left me to hold the fort. The wind and rain kept going and I got a call from Pete(who had got the weather report that the storm cell was to hit its hardest that night) He said to get to the ammenaties block of the caravan park and leave the camper because it would be too dangerous. After about 12 Beers I decided to hang in there. The scary part was when I woke about 2am as the storm peaked the gusts were over 100kph. The camper felt like 10people were shaking the crap out of it and head butting the sides at the same time. The camper held its ground, branchs crashing all around and too dangerous to even open the side doors.
It rained for another week and a half and everything remained dry the whole time. If that was test of the campers stability, we did it. passing with flying colours.

If there is a recommendation for 3dog I can only say GET ONE

Ray the owner has a very helpful pleasing manner and any thing that you need doing he is willing to help.

Peter Moloney
1 Seamist Place
Lennox Head NSW


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